Making Space

Sticks & Stones

Client - City of Edmonton

Account Director - Matthew Gresiuk
Account Executive - Moh Elshamy
Creative Director - Jordan Bloemen
Art Director - Matthias Smale
Podcast Host - Jennifer Renner
Composer - Jordan Bloemen

There are few subjects less interesting yet more important than zoning. They’re a set of invisible rules that can affect everything from the housing crisis to economic inequality. When the City of Edmonton set out to rewrite their zoning bylaw, they needed a piece of media that could bring engaged citizens up to speed on the long history of zoning, what was working about it, and what needed to change. Making Space, a five part podcast series, was built on a belief that the only reason a podcast like this should even exist was if the City was willing to be open about how the old zoning bylaw had at times failed citizens. Asking people to listen to two plus hours of content that wasn’t being honest with them about those issues would be a disservice to both our client and the listener. Over five episodes, we conducted, edited, scored and sound designed dozens of hours of interviews, working with community members to help write narration that told stories revealing the invisible force that is zoning and urban planning in our city.

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