Endless Adventure

Sticks & Stones

Client - Fort Edmonton Park

Account Director - Matthew Gresiuk
Account Manager - Morgan Pinnock
Client Lead - Lacey Huculak
Creative Director - Colin Waugh
Creative Director - Jordan Bloemen
Copywriter - Jordan Bloemen
Video Team - Jeff Khounthavong
Video Team - Colin Waugh
Video Team - Morgan Pinnock
Video Team - Anna Kuelken
Animator / VFX - Max Amerongen
Graphic Designer - Matthias Smale
Graphic Designer - Naomi Brierley
Graphic Designer - Paul Twa
Illustrator - Molly Little
Hair & Makeup - Tiiu Vuorensola
Lead Actor - Abby-Lynne Vandenberghe
Props Master - Matthias Smale

Endless Adventure is an interactive video experience created for heritage tourism attraction Fort Edmonton Park. The project was developed in conjunction with Explore Edmonton and Travel Alberta for two purposes. Firstly, it’s designed for hybrid conferences hosted in Edmonton, as a way for online attendees to experience a local attraction. Secondly, it is to showcase specific park attractions in a memorable and unconventional way. Entering the project we expected to make a standard historical or eductional video, however, upon further exploration we quickly recognized that myth making and drama was much more in line with the client’s vision. Endless Adventure is an endless dream loop based around the dreams or nightmares you might have while staying at the park. An empty carnival, a dusty pub, or a period accurate steam train; we filmed branching narrative stories for each of these locations and utilized an interactive platform to put the decision making in the viewer’s hands.

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