The Right Mattress Guaranteed

FKA / KO Group

Client - The Brick

Creative Directors - Ryan Kelly Robert Lennon
Art Directors - Elliott Kuss Derek Bourgois
Copywriter - Colin Christiansen
Director - Robert Lennon
Producer - John Berry
Post-Production Director - Jed Pelech
Executive Producers - Ken Thrasher Kim Odland Rob Jennings
Props/Styling/Wardrobe - Brian Bast
Hair/Makeup - Prudence Olenik
Set Decorator - Jenn Rutlege-Gordon
DOP - Andy Hodgson
1st AD - Dean Hooke
Production Manager - Letizia Vecchio
Senior Strategist - Rob Jennings
Account Director - Alysia Lambertus
Director of Service Delivery - Emilie Hayes
Strategic Lead - Chelsea Rho

To reinforce The Brick’s position in the mattress market they reminded customers that, with a bad sleep from the wrong mattress, you never really get out of bed. Moreover, with The Brick’s satisfaction guarantee, you’ll find The Right Mattress, Guaranteed.

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