Sticks & Stones

Client - City of Edmonton

Partner Agency - pipikwan pêhtâkwan
Account Director - Matthew Gresiuk
Art Director - Matthew Satchwill
Creative Director - Colin Waugh
Creative Director - Jordan Bloemen
Copywriter - Shani Gwin
Designer - Naomi Brierley
Illustrator - Paul Twa
Animator / VFX - Matthew Satchwill
Composer - Jordan Bloemen
Cinematographer - Jeff Khounthavong
Cinematographer - Colin Waugh
Creative Team - Max Amerongen
Creative Team - Nick Zylstra
Creative Team - Matthias Smale
Account Manager - Morgan Pinnock
Client Lead - Rejoice Apedoe

Sspomitapi means star person in Blackfoot. We recorded with Laverne First Rider (Aahsaopi) of Blood Tribe in Treaty 7. Due to an outbreak of covid on the Blood Reservation, we shipped Laverne the recording equipment and assisted her using the magic of zoom. The Sspomitapi story includes two unique stone formations important to the ceremonial and spiritual practices of the Blackfoot. One formation we travelled to and used photogrammetry to model and animate. The other was locked away in the Royal Alberta Museum, and despite our requests coming from the Indigenous community itself, we were forced to work off archival reference images to generate a representation of it. Sspomitapi is one of twelve videos launched across the CIty of Edmonton’s social media platforms to share the deeper meaning behind the new Indigenous Ward Names.

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