Raised With Care: Stewards of the Land

ev+AGENCY/Urban Video

Client - Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

Executive Creative Director - Kelly Cromwell
Producer - Crystal McPhee
Director - Darren McPhee
Copywriter - Dale Bochon

Raised With Care: Stewards of the Land is a 30 minute documentary created for the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. The story focuses on the importance of stewardship when it comes to antimicrobial resistance including the role that producers, farmers, government and veterinarians play in raising healthy animals in Alberta. The documentary showcases best practices in raising healthy livestock while acknowledging the challenges producers, and veterinarians face.

It tells the story of the collective effort that is needed to ensure food stays safe, animals stay healthy, and livelihoods continue to prosper. This project began by investigating the difficulties and hardships of change, while exploring ways producers and the veterinary community could work together to fight antimicrobial resistance.

What the filmmakers discovered was an industry of stewards who are already collaborating, innovating, and actively changing their practices, to protect the safety and sustainability of the food we eat, and this is the story that Raised With Care: Stewards of the Land tells.

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