No Homophobes

Calder Bateman Communications

Client: University of Alberta Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services

Creative Director: Jeff McLean

Art Director: Nicola Pringle

Copywriter: Pierre Chan

Digital Strategist: Adam Rozenhart

Account Coordinator: Kayla Panizzon

Account Executive: Alysia Lambertus

Senior Consultant: Frank Calder

Many of today’s youth believe it’s okay for them to use homophobic language if they don’t mean for it to be offensive. This is especially true online where every second a homophobic tweet is sent. So we created 300 QR codes to spell out the word most frequently tweeted: Faggot. Each code sent people to a different tweet featuring the word Faggot. This allowed people to see exactly how the word was being used and respond to the tweeter.

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