Love Stuck


Client - Canadian Western Bank

Creative Director - Ryan Kelly
Art Director - Elliott Kuss
Copywriter - Colin Christiansen
Animation - Mark Watson
Vice President, Client Services - Kiri Wysynski
Account Director - Chelsey Swankhuizen
Senior Account Manager - Larissa Kho
Service Delivery Manager - Heather Weinmayr
Vice President, Media - Angelina Cho
Senior Media Strategist - Manon Lamarre
Media Strategist - Matt Kim
Media Coordinator - Curt Pinto

Pride stickers were being torn from the windows of Edmonton retailers. One of Canadian Western Bank’s values is “Inclusion Has Power” so we developed “vandalism-proof” pride flag stickers. These were made available, free of charge, to businesses across Canada, actively sharing their corporate values with their main audience – business owners.

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