Sticks & Stones

As nightlife patrons enjoyed an evening on Whyte and Jasper Avenue this summer, they found themselves stumbling upon free-to-play, eighties inspired arcade cabinets. “J.Walker” is a guerrilla installation and modern reimagining of classic arcade games, developed to help Responsible Hospitality Edmonton address nightlife jaywalking. We created the game and cabinet from scratch, using original art, music and code in many cases having creatives learn new skills for the project. The cabinets glowed, pumping out music and distorted voices as players learned just how easily a little thing like jaywalking can turn into a big problem.

CLIENT Responsible Hospitality Edmonton

CD Scott Winder
AD Matthias Smale
CW Jordan Bloemen
GD Matthew Satchwill & Max Amerongen
AC Matthew Gresiuk
AK Jordan Bloemen: Sound
AK Matthew Satchwill: Animator

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