It’s Rally Time

ZGM Modern Marketing Partners

Client - Rally Social Room

Creative Director - Kurt Beaudoin
Copy Director - Ryan Kenny
Art Director - Nicola Pringle
Art Director - Brooke Langmaid
Illustrator - Nicola Pringle
Illustrator - Brooke Langmaid
Animation - Brooke Langmaid
Account Director - Salina Halabi
Account Manager - Sophie McMillan
Account Coordinator - Sofiya Timoshchenko
Partner - Ric Williams
Production Director - Dave Falconer
Media Manager - Evan Gyulai
Digital Director - Claire Devaney
Project Manager - Ami Dykstra
Web Designer - Keaton Lockwood
Lead Developer - Kassandra Poon
Web Developer - Kate Mekshenkova
Social Media Lead - Logan Widdicombe
Social Meda Manager - Alexa Prins
Photography - Cooper & O'Hara
PR - Paul Michna
PR - Laurel Gregory

After two years of pandemic restrictions, 18–24 year olds had pent up energy to go out and have some fun. Rally Social Room—a new bar combining party with ping pong—was about to open. The party animals could finally get out again. It was Rally time.

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