Indigenous Ward Names

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Client - City of Edmonton

Partner Agency - pipikwan pêhtâkwan
Account Director - Matthew Gresiuk
Creative Director - Colin Waugh
Creative Director - Jordan Bloemen
Copywriter - Shani Gwin
Art Director - Naomi Brierley
Animator - Mathew Satchwill
Animator - Max Amerongen
Animator - Nick Zylstra
Graphic Designer - Naomi Brierley
Illustrator - Paul Twa
Composer - Jordan Bloemen
Cinematographer - Jeff Khounthavong
Cinematographer - Colin Waugh
Creative Team - Matthias Smale
Account Manager - Morgan Pinnock
Client Lead - Rejoice Apedoe

Tastawiyniwak, Sspomitapi, Anirniq – when confronted with these unfamiliar word formations, a lot of frustration and debate tends to arise. Especially, as the City of Edmonton municipal wards were redrawn and subsequently changed from numbers to Indigenous names. Working alongside Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Community Stakeholders, we set out to combat that frustration through a 12 part video series and supplementary social media graphics. Each video focussed on the pronunciation, story, and meaning behind the 12 newly named wards. The goal was to quickly introduce citizens to the story behind the name, and help overcome any hesitation they may have around the pronounciation. The Indigenous Ward Naming Knowledge Committee was made up of 17 women from First Nations in Treaty No. 6,7,8, as well as Metis and Inuit representatives. Inspired by these women and the history they shared, we felt it was important to hear the stories in the unique tone and cadence of their voice. We then crafted visual and audio accompaniments to bring this important history to life.

Video – Metis

Video – Anirniq

Video – Sspomitapi

Video – Pihesiwin

Video – Tastawiyiniwak

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