Indigenous Ward Names

Sticks & Stones

Client - City of Edmonton

Partner Agency - pipikwan pêhtâkwan
Account Director - Matthew Gresiuk
Account Manager - Morgan Pinnock
Creative Director - Colin Waugh
Creative Director - Jordan Bloemen
Copywriter - Shani Gwin
Art Director - Naomi Brierley
Animator - Matthew Satchwill
Animator - Max Amerongen
Animator - Nick Zylstra
Designer - Naomi Brierley
Illustrator - Paul Twa
Composer - Jordan Bloemen
Cinematographer - Jeff Khounthavong
Cinematographer - Colin Waugh
Creative Team - Matthias Smale
Client Lead - Rejoice Apedoe

The Indigenous Ward Name series was a massive collaboration between Indigenous community members, illustrators, animators, Knowledge Keepers, composers, cinematographers, designers, and 3D visual effects artists. Throughout the project we stayed in constant communication with Indigenous team members and the Elder’s themselves to maintain an open dialogue about the presentation and authenticity of sharing their culture with a broad audience. The mixed media approach was chosen to allow the maximum flexibility for representing a large spectrum of stories and themes while maintaining a consistency in look and feel. From specific archival moments in history, to ethereal cultural stories, we brought each Ward’s meaning to life with the best technique at our disposal.

Video – Metis

Video – Anirniq

Video – Sspomitapi

Video – Pihesiwin

Video – Tastawiyiniwak

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