Glass of the Sask

EPCOR Utilities Inc.

Client - EPCOR Utilities Inc.

Lead Designer - Chris Cooper
Design Support - Steve Lewis

The ‘Glass of the Sask’ initiative was a collaboration with local restaurants and events to celebrate the North Saskatchewan River (NSR) and one of the essential ingredients it provides to Edmontonians: drinking water produced by EPCOR.

We created partnerships with 10 local restaurants at which water began to be served tableside in this special edition carafe and accompanying coasters. The physical restaurant experience were supported by earned media and social promotions including a paid social media influencer strategy. The resulting content aimed to build pride in Edmonton, our tap water and the NSR and provided us with context to create and participate in conversations around EPCOR’s role as Edmonton’s water provider and the quality of the water we produce.

Seven restaurants responded to our post-campaign survey and indicated they were extremely satisfied with the program (95%), citing that the carafes sparked meaningful conversations and engaged their customers. This sentiment was echoed on social media throughout the campaign where we received dozens of requests to purchase the carafes and thousands of contest entries to win one.

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