Chamber – Composition Titles

Sticks & Stones

Client - Chamber Music Old & New

Account Manager - Morgan Pinnock
Art Director - Paul Twa
Illustrator - Paul Twa
Creative Director - Colin Waugh

Live concerts and in-person events were devastated throughout the past two years of pandemic lockdowns. Working with the Chamber Music Old And New Festival (CMON) we took on the digitalization of their festival and attempted to elevate it beyond the traditional live stream. Part of the effort was the creation of illustrated and animated elements to accompany their performance “film”. Throughout the “film” there are six performances by composers from chamber music’s history (old and new). For each composition, we created a typographic treatment that echoed the era in which the composer lived or the themes at the core of the music. From baroque to film noir, we tried to situate the audience in a time period or mood before the first note was played.

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