ASET – New Canadian

Leven Creative

Client - Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET)

Producer - Kelly Wolfert, Braden Rooke
Director / Copywriter - Kelly Wolfert
Cinematographer - Kelly Wolfert
Editor - Michael McIntosh
Sound Design - Johnny Blerot
Client Lead - Alison Carter

This project is a great example of story first. It’s an inspiring and wholesome experience for anyone watching. Told with a cinematic documentary style, autheticity was always a priority to portray a true and trusted story. One challenge evident off the start was to find the appropriate person to convey the idea to other immigrants in a situation where their education is not recognized in Alberta. We pushed to have a significant casting process across the province to identify the family with the best story to share. It’s not easy to connect with someone over online casting but we remained patient to find the appropriate story to share. Another challenge was to convey the needed program information all while keeping the story engaging and making the target audience identify with the subject. Since most immigrants move to provide better lives for their family, we made the family the first focus. Providing this insight into the immigration challenges of the family has draw in a wide variety of viewers into this story, where we are all cheering for our subject to succeed. Making it an appealing story beyond just being directed at those new to Canada, we knew this offers the client another opportunity to share another layer of their organizations focus and vision regarding helping members find successes for their families.

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