Aquatics Recruitment

Sticks & Stones

Client - City of Edmonton Recreation Centres

Account Coordinator - Moh Elshamy
Creative Director - Jordan Bloemen
Graphic Designer/Illustrator - Paul Twa
Graphic Designer/Illustrator - Naomi Brierley

As families began making their way back to Edmonton’s recreation centres, our client needed to replenish their aquatics department after scaling it back due to the pandemic. The challenge was to reach students, as they are the ideal job candidate, and to position recreation centres as an ideal job opportunity for students. We were fortunate to have cost-free access to internal advertising real estate within recreation centres across the city. We displayed several concept variations, digitally and non-digitally, throughout these centers as they are also likely destinations for students to exercise and socialize. Using the familiar sight of a google calendar we depicted the flexibility these jobs offered, appealing to the hectic and unpredictable student schedule.

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