Joshua Richards

Director of Creative Technology, john st., Toronto

Joshua Richards is the Director of Creative Technology at john st. He’s a creative problem solver who has always been passionate about emerging technologies, and how people experience brands. He co-found the diversity and inclusion effort at john st., and he’s one of the founding steering committee members of POCAM (People of Colour in Advertising and Marketing), a LinkedIn group and initiative that exists to ensure that the voice, vision and talent of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) professionals are fully and fairly present in Canadian advertising and marketing.


Jenny Smith

President/ Creative Director , Ray Creative Agency

With over 25 years in the advertising business, Jenny is no stranger to creating internationally recognized, award-winning work. She has judged every national and regional award show in Canada. And is the only Creative Director east of Toronto to judge at Cannes twice (2009 & 2018). In 2013, Jenny launched her own agency in St. John’s. She grew Ray from a one-person operation to one of the hottest shops in Atlantic Canada with 18 full-time staff. She lives in St. John’s with her husband and two teenagers. And she’s a big fan of vodka martinis. 


Justin Senior

Director of sales and marketing, SAMA Advertising, Whitby, ON

I am currently the director of sales and marketing for SAMA Advertising, one of the only black owned and operated agencies in Canada.  I am a sitting member on the Canadian Cancer Society Advisory Council for Prostate Cancer and hold a master’s degree in communication and Social Justice.

 With over 15 years in advertising and marketing I bring vision and positive energy to every project and challenge backed by an outside the box thinking mentality.  As a builder of partnerships and creative solutions, I always aim to foster a harmonious working environment because of my extraverted persona, and the family I came from.  I have a background in film production with experience in front and behind the camera. I enjoy rigorous editing sessions and journeying through the work of others to evaluate each creative objective and execution.




Samantha Russell

ACE Co-Chair, Canadian Western Bank

Sarah Brodie

ACE Awards Co-Chair, FKA

2020 was an incredibly unpredictable year that spun the well-thought-out strategies of our industry upside-down.  Agency and freelancers alike met canceled projects, reduced budgets, and required adjustments to messaging and creative by adapting and pivoting at warp speed. 

But the year gave us something else as well. Something far more valuable. It allowed us to stretch our creative legs and demonstrate our raw talent as an industry. For 42 years, the ACE Awards has been the preeminent celebration of advertising talent in Edmonton, and this community made sure the celebration continued. 

The work submitted this year maintained Edmonton’s reputation as a small but mighty force in the advertising world. This community has produced some truly impressive work that had our judges saying, “I wish I did that.” We would like to applaud all the agencies, freelancers, artists, and advertising professionals who submitted projects this year for your incredible showcase of talent, innovation, and creativity. As well, we thank our judges Jenny, Joshua, and Justin, for their patience and thoughtfulness during our virtual judging session, a first in ACE history. 

We are incredibly thankful for the continued enthusiastic support for ACE and the ACE Awards from our partners, sponsors, and community. Another year into the COVID-19 pandemic meant our 2nd virtual award show, but that didn’t stop the celebrations. To Amplomedia and Michelle McBride, we are eternally grateful for your dedication and hard work to make the 42nd ACE Awards a success. 

Thank you to our fellow board members who helped and guided us through this journey. We were extremely fortunate to have such an innovative, supportive, and talented group of people on our side. 

As the awards co-chair during an unprecedented year, we faced many unique challenges. But it has been a memorable experience planning the 42nd ACE Awards and proving creativity cannot be canceled. Thank you again to everyone who supported us through this experience. 


Sarah Brodie & Samantha Russell


ACE Board of Directors

2020, 2021

Jill Scheyk– President
Scott Gibb – Vice President
Tania Nease – Past President
Samantha Russell– ACE Awards Co-Chair
Sarah Brodie – ACE Awards Co-Chair
Sherin Noroozi – Ad Auction/ACE on Display Chair
Brooke Langmaid – Communications Chair
Aimee Van Dam – Treasurer
Logan Widdicombe – Membership/Student Liaison Chair
Lance Johson – Programming Co-Chair
Colin Christiansen – Programming Co-Chair
Lauren Crandall – Sponsorship Chair
Tania Nease – ACE Administrator