Fellowship Award

Helene Leggatt

Those who work with Helene Leggatt know she sets a high bar in everything she does and expects nothing less from those around her, and her pursuit of excellence extends well beyond her role as president at DDB Canada’s Edmonton office.

She has been a remarkable, influential contributor to Edmonton’s advertising industry on many levels, spearheading numerous initiatives with far-reaching impact — from post-secondary school programs and partnerships, to industry contributions and promotion, to support for important community initiatives.

Over the past 15 years, Helene’s made a number of significant contributions to NAIT’s JR Shaw School of business. She serves on the NAIT Marketing Advisory Board providing insights and input on the programs and curriculum to reflect what industry needs in graduating students. As chair of the Advertising Industry Panel for the Promotional Campaign Planning class, she leads the panel in judging student presentations and providing invaluable industry advice as they start out their careers.

Teresa Sturgess, Marketing Instructor at NAIT, says, “The time that Helene provides supporting our students and program is extremely generous. She is accessible for advice and always looking to extend student-learning opportunities. And her ideas just keep on coming.”

Recognizing the value of work experience for students, Helene introduced an innovative internship program where students can apply to be chosen for an 8-week placement at DDB and walk away with course credits, real world agency experience, and the kick-start of an amazing industry network.

Helene is a longtime champion of creativity and always looks for ways to build our industry. Her support extends to the Advertising Club of Edmonton because she understands the value the club brings to our market. Empowering and supporting her staff to run for the board. Being one of the first agencies to jump on board the introduction of Advertising Week in Edmonton. Providing memberships to all staff. Sponsoring Ad Club of Edmonton events like Cultivate and the annual ACE Awards. And supporting the NABS CANTOO Cannes Lions screening.

Throughout her career, Helene has worked with many different companies/organizations to raise profile, build brands and drive behavior change. And she takes particular pride in partnering with non-profits, including the Art Gallery of Alberta, The Works Art and Design Festival, Dogs with Wings, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Compassion House, We Care Ministry and HART (Humane Animal Rescue Team).

After meeting with a team from the Hope Mission, Helene offered to provide pro bono services to help this important inner-city not-for-profit to raise awareness and money for meals at Hope Mission, and six years later, this relationship is still going strong. Through Helene’s leadership, the agency’s annual Share DDB silent auction event has raised more than $30,000, all of which has donated to Hope Mission.

“DDB’s contributions have helped Hope Mission become a recognizable brand in our city, and more importantly, Helene has helped Hope raise thousands of meals to feed those who need them most,” says Dave Von Bieker, a former Hope Mission Community Engagement Team member.

Over the last 30 some years, Helene has seen our market grow and change. That’s why she continues to put her energy and support into initiatives that make a difference to all of us in the industry.