Experiential/Non-Permanent Installation

ATB Listens Lounge at SocialWest

ATB Financial

Client – ATB Financial

Social Media Director – Adam Rozenhart
Social Media Manager – Tyler Butler
Account Director – Jesse Yuen
Account Manager – Danna Beatty
Account Coordinator – Kevin Espenido

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Build On


Client – Homeward Trust

Art Director – Mike Lundy
Associate Creative Director – Ryan Kenny
Strategist – Chris Henderson
Project Lead – Wafia Ramprashad
Production Manager – Dave Falconer

Dodo Eggshell/Pickled Frogs/Giant Sloth

DDB Canada

Client – Royal Alberta Museum

Creative Director – Eva Polis
Art Director – Howard Poon
Copywriter – Eva Polis
Designer – Howard Poon
Strategist – Martha Jamieson
Account Manager – Tessa Vriend
Director of Production – Debbie Shinehoft
Acknowledgement – Boxer Building & Crating Ltd., Signworks Plus

Good Dog

Sticks & Stones

Client – City of Edmonton

Account Director – Matthew Gresiuk
Industrial Designer – Max Amerongen
Art Director – Matthias Smale
Creative Director – Jordan Bloemen
Production Partner – onetwosix design
Creative Team – Scott Francis Winder
Creative Team – Morgan Pinnock
Creative Team – Colin Waugh

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